joi, 17 decembrie 2015

Game of cards

Treat every experience as a learning experience. Be grounded to admit your flaws and learn from them, but also persistent and confident enough to surpass adversarial conditions and fulfil your dreams. Believe in yourself, and try to objectively see when it's just a game of cards*. 

* "You're nothing but a pack of cards!" (Alice in Wonderland)

marți, 12 august 2014


One side is yours and the other is mine. The sea within. I can hear you and I can hear me and therefore I am aware these two sides exist. I understand and respect your point of view. I appreciate you being honest. I really do.

I wish you get to know me. I wish I get to know you. "If you never try, you never know".

I'm a spectator. Having seen a beautiful city which has been torn down by a tornado in an instant. I see it right in front of my eyes. What's my reaction? What would YOUR reaction be? I don't feel like saying anything. I cannot say anything. Is it because I have to accept some things are not up to me? Is it because that's all there is? I don't know. But it doesn't seem fair. Not in a remorse-sort-of-way, rather in a world-equilibrium sort of way. -- How can our so different opinions coexist? --

In the end, it seems I'm more selfish than I thought I am. I'm thinking it's so beautiful that it's a pity it all goes down the drain, but it seems it's a pity just from my perspective. I should spread it around such that it doesn't become a pity for the whole world.

One side is yours and the other is mine. It's a pity we're not on the same side. But trust me, for me it was just as real.

luni, 28 iulie 2014

Azi e luni

Everyone's driven by something.

Waiting is easier when you know it's not infinite.

vineri, 31 ianuarie 2014

Sometimes your feelings are so beautiful, so indescribably beautiful, that you feel it's a sin not to share them. Yet it's also a sin to share them with people that would miss the beauty of what's being shared. We must carefully choose people we share emotions with, as if we would pass on a family treasure.

So then, what do we do with all these beautiful stories to tell that nobody can listen? I know: we keep a little part in ourselves, because it makes us who we are. Then we spread the rest into the world: the ash flies to people whom we do not know, but who will feel the magic of the story without being able to pinpoint it. You know, when you close your eyes and smile at the sun, you've probably been touched by such a story.

Because, as we all know, where there's ash there was once fire.

joi, 23 ianuarie 2014


"Why don't you start by being honest?"
"I've never told anyone.."
"Maybe you should"

It's not me who invented this beautiful exchange of lines. It's the beginning of "The reader" trailer. But I'm always shattered by this dialogue's simplicity, beauty and honesty. The kind of honesty that sends shivers down your body.

Honesty is a prerequisite for talking to yourself. For really understanding yourself. As Ionesco said, you cannot paint if you're not ready to be extremely honest. So you were asking me when does inspiration come for me to paint? Only when I manage to be very honest with myself. So honest that I let my arm free to draw exactly what's on my mind. As Jay Jay says, we'd rather believe it's coincidence. But it's not a coincidence that I painted you.

Jay Jay Coincidence

vineri, 17 ianuarie 2014

Fair trade

I'm wondering which of my molecules makes me write this post. I'm not saying "my molecules" out of exaggerate possessiveness,  it's rather because I'm truly referring to the molecules forming the synapses between those neurones deciding writing this post is worth the time. Yes, it's you 3 I'm talking about.

I can see how a path highlights and then another one. Right now, though, I'm not interested why one or the other highlights, which I already know. I just want to know how I can trade, trade between me and myself. Can you trade a bunch of molecules for others? It's fair trade, pair-wise: instead of remembering x and forgetting y, I want to remember y and forget x. See, it's the same actions, you just change the set of molecules. I see it as a very fair process.

I'm being very reasonable. See, since it's my molecules, they do whatever I tell them to do. But instead of being so authoritarian, I'm offering to trade! You cannot get more reasonable than that, trust me. 

miercuri, 18 decembrie 2013